Types Of Offering

As every event is different and every situation requires a different approach to ensure success we offer 3 basic approaches to your mobile event needs. We can accommodate any event size and budget to ensure your success.

Basic Apps

We start with a basic app for all our customers that includes.

  • Scheduling/Programing
  • Event Performers/Sessions information
  • Maps & General Layouts
  • Sponsor Listing/Section
  • Social Media Integration
  • Event Information
  • Personal Guest Schedules
  • Search Feature/Special Promotions/Last-Minute Information & Updates

This allows our clients to start out with a robust solution that they can then add-on one of the many specific sections that applies to their unique event and needs.

Add-On Modules

As each event is different and requires its own unique set of features we are offering a whole list of specialized modules that can be added to the basic app either in its existing form or further customized to maximize each clients utilization of the app.

These Add-On Modules cover the following features:

  • Technology Features
  • Content Delivery
  • Ticketing & E-Commerce
  • App Engagement
  • Event Analytics
  • Sponsorship Sales & Revenue Generation

In addition our team of expert developers can build additional modules to spec as needed to make your event better and more appealing to your guests.

Total Customization

For the ultimate event app we can build the entire native app from scratch to your specific needs and applications.

Make sure your event stands out in the minds of your attendees and perfectly integrates with your vision, objectives and brand.

With significantly shorter lead-time than most competitors we will deliver an app that you can be proud of and your attendees will talk about.