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The founding partners of Mobile Events combine expertise of mobile software and LED display solutions, as well as professional event services. Mobile Events is a strategic business partner to companies and non-profit organizations, providing dedicated mobile app and LED display solutions for events.


We are passionate to provide comprehensive software and hardware solutions for events, including custom event mobile apps, fundraising mobile apps that services silent auction, live auction, and online donation, and lastly the LED display solutions for trade shows, music festivals, state fairs, schools, and churches.

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Mobile App Solutions

From dedicated event apps to fundraising apps solutions, Mobile Events delivers ultimate mobile software solutions to all kinds of events, such as concerts, state fairs, conferences, and charity events.

Mobile Apps for Events

Mobile Events powers your next event with a dedicated, branded, and native mobile app to make your event more fun, more stylish, more memorable, and most importantly, more accessible.

Mobile Fundraising Apps

Mobile Events provides a comprehensive mobile app for fundraising to non-profits, local business, and corporations, facilitating their fund raising campaigns. All mobile apps are fully customized and downloadable from online app stores.

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Mobile Apps For Events

Mobile Events' branded mobile event apps are full featured and easy to use. With our event and conference apps you'll start connecting with your attendees in minutes.

Native Mobile Apps

Native apps take full advantage of smartphone capabilities, including faster performance, more advanced security features, and access to all of the device’s native APIs, such as the camera, GPS, accelerometer and vibration features, as well as the ability to receive in-app push notifications. Native apps from Mobile Events currently support both iOS and Android apps are in very high demand. Mobile Events native apps are very affordable.

App Customization

We develop customized and branded mobile apps that can then interface with a system of record. Our fully customized mobile app optimizes image quality, classifies the content and extracts the relevant information contained within the content. This happens on the spot, and the information is delivered into processes and workflows that manage business transactions.

High ROI

Mobile Events blends seamlessly into the way your organization works. Supporting and enhancing key operational objectives, driving sponsorship revenue through advertising and gamification, and keeping conversations and exchanges active before, during and after your event.


The Fundraising Is Conducted From a Dedicated Mobile App that Mobile Events designs and develops just for your organization - We Do Something That Nobody Else Does.

Advanced Reporting Tools

Get the inside track on your auction campaign and see what is and is not working with built-in management reporting tools. From vital statistics to interesting insights, the reports are fully customizable and can be scheduled to run automatically or just when you need them.

Complete Order Management System

Running your business is a breeze with our integral order management system. Create your own personalized invoices and manage your orders in real time using sophisticated search and edit tools.

Data Security and Reliability

Mobile Events’ Online Auction platform is built on Amazon’s advanced cloud-based virtual servers that are powered by a fully redundant network infrastructure, and protected with network firewalls and DDoS attack prevention. All online data transmission is secured by the strongest SHA-2 and 2048-bit data encryption.

Data Reliability
Firewall Protection
DDoS Attack Prevention
Data Encryption

Secure Payment

Anyone who accepts credit card payments needs to comply with latest PCI DSS rules. Mobile Event’ auction platform is PCI 3.0 compliant. All payment fields (credit card number, CVV, and expiration date) are securely hosted on an external certified payment gateway’s domain and presented to the user in a frame or with a redirect.

Mobile Fundraising App

The Ultimate Mobile Solution For Your Digital Fundraising Campaign

Mobile Brand Experience

The entire process — silent auction, online purchasing, and donation — is streamlined from start to finish. Plus, Mobile Events will customize the design of each client’s native mobile app to reflect their organization’s branding or highlight your valuable sponsors.

Management Software

We allow you to manage your fundraising campaign and mobile content in one place. You can make quick edits or even add items at any point – even after the event starts. The payment transaction will be handled intelligently through an automation process, so we secure your revenue earned.

Automatic Notifications

The instant notification for who is winning the auction help stimulate competition and increase participation from supporters who have left or were not able to attend the event, pushing your silent auction campaign closer to its fundraising goal every time a patron hits “Bid”.

Managing a nonprofit, you're tasked with making every cent count twice. With that in mind, every fundraising event becomes a chance to raise money where each event expense means less net income for your cause. We've been extremely lucky to work with Ted and Mobile Events on two occasions, and they've been not only two of our most successful in our history, that success has come with a nice peace of mind. Mobile Event provides the ease of a user-friendly auction interface, comprehensive post-event reporting, and a staff that genuinely cares about your organization's success. I'd highly recommend any organization that has an auction component of a coming event to give Mobile Events some strong consideration. They'll be a true partner in every sense of the word from planning to post-event collection. You'll worry less and raise more, which in my line of work, is a no-brainer.

Joey Powell Executive Director, Me Fine Foundation, Inc.
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We provide superior customer experience, and we are working our best to achieve that standard.
Ted Meng - CEO of Mobile Events

Technological advancements are changing the way companies execute business events. Every business owner aims to provide a high-end event experience to his or her audience. They want to have a memorable event for better engagement and connection with clients. That’s exactly what Mobile Events works for. As a leading provider of mobile apps and LED solutions, Mobile Events offers innovative solutions to expand the outreach of any event.

We believe that a successful event is interactive and engaging. It entails the usage of innovative technological tools to deliver optimal user experience. Our wide range of mobile software and LED display solutions are suitable for an array of events. From fundraising mobile apps to online auction applications, we have got you covered.

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