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Introducing an innovative approach

to fundraising events


Mobile Brand Experience

The entire process — silent auction, online purchasing, and donation — is streamlined from start to finish. Plus, Mobile Events will customize the design of each client’s native mobile app to reflect their organization’s branding or highlight your valuable sponsors.

Management Software

We allow you to manage your fundraising campaign and mobile content in one place. You can make quick edits or even add items at any point – even after the event starts. The payment transaction will be handled intelligently through an automation process, so we secure your revenue earned.

Automatic Notifications

The instant notification for who is winning the auction help stimulate competition and increase participation from supporters who have left or were not able to attend the event, pushing your silent auction campaign closer to its fundraising goal every time a patron hits “Bid”.


The Fundraising Is Conducted From a Dedicated Mobile App that Mobile Events designs and develops just for your organization - We Do Something That Nobody Else Does.

Complete Order Management System

Running your business is a breeze with our integral order management system. Create your own personalized invoices and manage your orders in real time using sophisticated search and edit tools.

Advanced Reporting Tools

Get the inside track on your auction campaign and see what is and is not working with built-in management reporting tools. From vital statistics to interesting insights, the reports are fully customizable and can be scheduled to run automatically or just when you need them.

Data Infrastructure, Security and Reliability

Mobile Events’ Online Auction platform is built on Amazon’s advanced cloud-based virtual servers that are powered by a fully redundant network infrastructure, and protected with network firewalls and DDoS attack prevention. All online data transmission is secured by the strongest SHA-2 and 2048-bit data encryption.

Anyone who accepts credit card payments needs to comply with latest PCI DSS rules. Mobile Event’ auction platform is PCI 3.0 compliant. All payment fields (credit card number, CVV, and expiration date) are securely hosted on an external certified payment gateway’s domain and presented to the user in a frame or with a redirect.

100% Cloud Managed

Using the cloud-hosted dashboard, administrators can simply configure and manage everything about the event from anywhere.

Management of Essentials

All required content management capabilities - including event setup, management of items and bidding, check-in and check-out procedures, as well as real time statistics of the event - are readily available from the cloud-based portal.

Simplicity, Extended

Easy-to-use tools reduce the administrative workload that you or your event organizers face and optimize the entire event process from beginning to end.

GoRaiser Platform-based Fundraising App

Innovation & Maximization

Fundraising Essential

The main functionality of the goRaiser app strategically focuses on fundraising. No matter where the fundraiser is being held – be it venue or in the cloud – the goRaiser app provides desired features that delivers the tools necessary to ensure complete success of your campaign goals.


Listing events on the goRaiser app will increase the reach and visibility of the events to the local communities. Our strategy will increase brand awareness and promote directly to the people within the communities, therefore attracting more support and engagement for the event.


The events can be either open to the public or held in private. In which way the event organizers can decide how to balance between profit maximization and privatization. Even if you are listing your event privately, you will still gain usage of all the benefits, features, and amenities provided by goRaiser.


The increasing demand of brand awareness has become more important for many of the new and existing nonprofit or educational foundations. Fundraising events hosted by these foundations are listed on the goRaiser app and promote reach, as well as engagement to the public through an innovative method.

Manpower Efficiency

With an optimized CRM system and special automated procedures, your event organizers will not suffer from having to increase manpower for these aspects of the event. The entire process can be simply managed by one person.

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More Features People Love


Paperless silent auction – Go mobile.


Collect donations – every dollar counts.


Sell all ticket tiers directly from the app.


List all auctions and collect all funds raised at the end of the event.


Sell any merchandise at the event!

Guaranteed payment

Any funds due will be received promptly and are ensured by a simplified process.


Open your event to the public and maximize engagement.


Limit the event to invitation only, while still gaining use of all amenities and features.


Search favorite auction items or events in the area.


Downloadable from Apple Store or Google Play for both iOS and Android devices.


The next available bidding price is automatically calculated to push the price up.


A tool that will automatically bid on your behalf up to your set limit amount.


Auction items can be sold at “Buy Now” price.


Event attendees will be notified by the system for event and auction activities and status.


The receipt for the purchasing and donation at the event will be ready for sending out through emails.

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* The credit card transaction fee will be charged by a third-party payment processor.

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