App Highlights

Base App Components

The base version of the app encompasses basic features that are commonly used and required by event managers and that will provide a great starting point for any client.

Schedule / Program

Participants / Performers / Event Items

Maps / Layout


Social Media Interface


Personal Schedules

Search Feature/ Specials/ Additional Information

Beyond The Basic App - Optional Functionalities

Since each event is unique there will always be a demand for additional features and needs by our clients. Therefore we can offer a multitude of Add-On components to the basic app layout.

These are some of the additional components we can offer to customize your app:

Silent Auctions

  • On-line list of items
  • Credit Card Sign Up in App prior to bidding
  • Max Bid feature
  • Highlighting of Specific Auction Items

E-Commerce Integration

  • Purchase of Promotional Items
  • Sponsors can offer specific items with event only discounts
  • Time-Sensitive Promotions/Specials
  • Event Add-Ons
  • Donations
  • Performer/Sponsor Merchandise


  • Increase interaction with Attendees
  • Opportunity to win prizes
  • Specific targeting to specific groups/interests
  • Networking Games
  • Check-In Games
  • Scavenger Hunt Type Games

Sponsorship & Marketing Package

  • Splash Page Sponsorship
  • Banner Ads (Static & Rotating)
  • Company Logo Placements
    • In App Pages
    • Inside Event Map
  • Featured Listings/Highlighted Names
  • Sponsor Ability to upload/share content (brochures, marketing materials, coupons)
  • Localized Ads to specific pages/sections
  • Video Ads Integration
  • Sponsorship of Specific App Portions (i.e. Silent Auction Feature, Check-In Feature, Social Feature…)
  • On-Demand/Location Based Advertising
  • Coupon/Special Offer Integration
  • Sponsor Icon on Menu Page
  • Targeted Offers

Social Chat/In-App Social Interactions/Networking

  • Attendee List & Profiles
  • Activity Feed
  • Social Chat with other Attendees
  • Social Media Integration
  • Session Check-In to indicate attendance
  • Status Updates
  • Comments/Likes
  • @Mentions/#Hashtags
  • People Matching (based on interests)
  • Private Messages


  • Pre loading of Attendees & Event Information
  • Schedule Syncing (1-way or 2-way options)


  • Global Polls
  • Live Polling
  • Surveys
  • Rate & Reviews

Ticket Purchases & Upgrades

  • Ability to purchase event tickets straight from the app through E-tix system integration
  • Purchase Upgrades inside the App
  • Special Access Passes Purchase inside App

Event Analytics

  • Event Performance
  • Post-Event Engagement Reports
    • Number of active users
    • Average number of actions per user
    • Total number of status updates, comments, likes, postings, check-ins, etc.
    • Breakdown of devices used
    • Most popular sessions/performers/speakers/areas
  • Usage Stats
  • Recommendations Overview
  • App Adoption Report
  • Downloadable Reports
  • Visual Survey Reports

Photo Wall

  • Upload of pictures & video straight to social networks as well as live screens at event
  • Highlighted Photos, Tweets, Postings

Ibeacons & Rfid Chip Integration

  • RFID location information for post event reporting
    • Attendee paths
    • Time spent at certain locations
    • Reaction to specific Notifications/event moments
  • iBeacons integration throughout the event
    • Location Specific Push notifications/actions within the app

Push Notifications

  • Promoted Messages (targeted locations, specific time periods)
  • links to surveys, extra content, news and media coverage
  • Pre-configured Notifications
  • On-Demand Push Notifications

Interactive Maps

  • Multi-Level Maps/Floorplans
  • Directions & Current Location (Guidance on Map)
  • Interactive Waypoints Mapping with links to individual waypoint information
  • Follow schedule components locations on map
  • Parking Overview & Availability


  • Ability to upload specific content prior to event
  • Access & download via email

Presenter Controlled Presentations (Live Slides)

  • Ability to “lock-down” app during presentation to controlled content
  • Activation of specific additional content during specified points of presentation
  • Availability of attendee behavior and participation analytics

Last Minute Activations

  • Hide features until specific time in event
  • On-The-Fly Add Ons to certain parts of the event or even the schedule

Qr Code Scanning

  • QR Code Reader for Scavenger Hunts
  • Sponsor/Exhibitor Check-Ins at tent or booth
  • Registration

Off-Line Mode

  • Users can access content in the app without network connection
  • Access to content information/presentation

Multi-Event Functionality

  • Ability to access multiple events from same app (for Venue/Organization based applications)