Ultra HD Perfect Picture Quality, Exclusive Visual Feast

Ultra-high resolution brings delicate display effect, and it is a perfect embodiment of the new generation of ultra-high-definition LED display technology

Innovative waterproof design, indoor and outdoor all weather available

With independent and innovative waterproof design of the module, it can be used for outdoor rental application. Indoor and outdoor all weather available.

5s front maintenance, saving labor and time cost

Dual pluggable front maintenance before starting ensures the performance to be safer and more reliable. Because of magnetic module design, replacement of module needs only 5 seconds, with the efficiency increased by more than three times.


3 seconds rear maintenance, faster and more efficient

Rear maintenance is simpler. It only takes 3 seconds to remove the module from the rear of the cabinet, very simple.

Inner arc design, creative and flexible styling

Support -10°,-5°, 0°, +5° and +10° straight screen and arcual splicing, with creative and flexible styling.


Dual backup power supply, ensuring safer and more stable work

Adopt dual backup design of power supply, when 1 power supply breaks down, the other power supply will be automatically started to ensure the stable working of display screen, reliable and worry-free.


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