Immersive Experience with Ultra HD image

Absen X3 LED screen displays HD, FHD and 4K video without video processor scaling

Extreme Simplicity with Wireless Design

Internal processing with modular design instead of traditional external wiring

Vivid Image with Low Brightness and High Grayscale

3000:1 contrast ratio acquired with high quality black face LED lamp and black mask, providing clearer and more vivid image


Replacement within 5s, Saving Time and Money

Magnetic design enables replacement within 5s, 3 time faster than screw design

Front maintenance within 5 minutes, saving time and money

Front-access module and modular design of power supply boost maintenance speed.


Easy Installation Driven by Modular Design

Wiring, module and panel structure all integrated in modular design, making installation, dismantle and maintenance an easy job.


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