Visual feast powered by ultra HD image

3.9mm tight pixel provides exceptional display performance and perfect embodiment of Ultra HD LED technology.

Across Rental

Recalibration is not required in the event of module failure because new module can load data stored in receiving card or other modules with A3C. Different orders of the same model can be mixed if they are manufactured within 12-monthsperiod, making cross rental possible.


Smooth live feed switching with high refresh rate

Smooth display image is realized shooting with 2000HZ refresh rate even under 1/2000 shutter professional camera shooting, fully meeting the demand of live feed switching.

Seamless connection

Patent connector is able to adjust seam, making seamless connection. Installation and dismantle time is only 1/4 of traditional panel.


Front maintenance within 5 minutes, saving time and money

Front-access module and modular design of power supply boost maintenance speed.

Quick installation with magnetic module

Magnetic module design enables 5 times quicker installation than average screw module.



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