Why you should use a mobile bidding app for your next silent auction?

Why you should use a mobile bidding app for your next silent auction?

by Ted Meng, September 15, 2017

Statista.com meticulously compiles and analyzes data that demonstrates the rapid growth experienced by the mobile communication industry. In 2016, Statista.com discovered more than 207.2 million smart phone users throughout the world, with the number expected to double in the next five years.

What does mobile technology have to do with your non-profit organization? Let’s explore the possibilities.

Have you experienced organizing, managing, and/or participating in a silent auction that never gained enough momentum to come close to reaching your fundraising goal? The interest was just not there or poor weather prevented many of the attendees from showing up and placing bids.

These types of issues will disappear when you use a mobile bidding application such as goRaiser.

Mobile Bidding is the Way to Go

With the United States continuing to lead the world in the adoption of mobile technology, a rapidly growing number of non-profit organization have turned to using mobile bidding apps like goRaiser.

The question is why have mobile bidding apps become so popular.

Mobile Bidding Apps Increase Revenue

Most non-profits operate on shoestring budgets. It is hard to spend money to integrate new technology into the auction bidding process. However, as they say, you have to spend money to make money or in the case of non-profits, you have to spend money to increase revenue. Some non-profits have released data that shows a 30% increase in revenue after incorporating mobile bidding technology into the bidding process. One reason for increase in revenue is because mobile bidding apps such as goRaiser offer customized tools that allow you to adapt the technology to your fundraising financial goals. goRaiser enhances the visibility of your next fundraiser within the community.

Improved Bidding Experience

Survey results released by auction consulting firm Bidding for Good should prompt auction organizers to think outside of the bidding box. Nearly 40% of respondents said “fighting the crowd” represented the most negative aspect of attending a silent auction. Mobile bidding makes it easier for auction attendees to place bids, from the comfort of their homes to a cozy spot at a favorite restaurant. Some people cannot attend a live silent auction, but they want to participate in the silent bidding. A mobile bidding app like goRanier allows you to grow your attendee base, which is another way to increase silent auction revenue. When you integrate a mobile bidding app into your auction platform, you eliminate the long lines at the admission desk. Attendees who submit bids through Smartphones and other types of mobile devices need only between three and five minutes to complete the check in process.

The Ultimate Time Saver

When you use a mobile bidding application such as goRaiser, it takes some time to ensure the technology logistics are in place. However, once your silent auction begins, the efficient mobile bidding tool takes care of everything, including ticket sales, registering attendees, closely monitoring bids, and collecting donation payments. goRaiser streamlines all of the functions involved in pulling off a smooth silent auction into one easy to manage integrated bidding process. You enjoy more time mingling with attendees and moist important, you get to spend more time building strong relationships with donors and bidders to set the stage for the next silent auction.

Mobile Alerts

You know the drill. Silent auction bidders who place bids at auction tables can lose track of the bidding process. They forget to follow up on their bids and worse, stop participating because they are having the time of their lives socializing with other donors. Mobile bidding apps alert bidders via mobile devices when another person has placed a higher bid. A donor does not have to leave where he or she is sitting to react to the higher bid. The alert feature encourages higher bids and hence, more money donated to your non-profit. Donors who bid from home greatly benefit from the mobile alert feature.

The Importance of Analyzing Data

High performance mobile bidding apps collect all the information you need to analyze which items received the highest bids and which items attracted the most donors. Manually collecting bidding data takes time away from networking with donors and guests. Digital data also reduces the mistakes made by human error. Some mobile bidding applications compile data for reports that provide non-profits with real time information that helps organize the next silent auction. Mobile bidding data helps you make accurate decisions about who to invite to the next auction, as well as select the items that attract the most bids.

goRaiser represents a platform-operated silent auction app, which means several non-profit organizations can go live with silent auctions at the same time. Donors can bid on items to help finance the expansion of a school building one minute, and then switch to another silent auction located in the same area to bid on items that raise money for cancer awareness. You can even use goRaiser to set up public and private silent auctions.

The future is now for mobile bidding apps. Make goRaiser the mobile bidding app that increases event revenue, while making it more convenient for donors and guests to attend your next silent auction.

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