by Ted Meng, September 15, 2017

Mobile app technologies have changed the way we conduct business. From ordering a pizza to reserving a hotel room for the weekend, mobile apps have transformed virtually every industry.

Have mobile applications influenced charity auctions? The answer is a resounding yes, as mobile bidding applications have become a highly popular way to raise money for worthwhile causes.

Benefits of Mobile Bidding Apps

Mobile bidding applications, such as the multi-feature app platform called goRaiser, have helped charities raise as much as 30% more revenue. Not everyone who receives an invitation can attend a live or silent auction. A mobile bidding app reaches donors who have other obligations. The math is simple: More donors equal more money raised for charitable causes.

Most silent and live auctions are limited to one event at a single venue. Online bidding apps open up bidding to more people, for longer periods. Another benefit of using mobile apps are the incredible organizational tools available, including reports that summarize the financial data generated by live or silent auctions.

The numerous benefits of integrating a mobile bidding application into your auction paradigm make purchasing an app a no brainer. What is not such an easy decision to make involves choosing the best features that match what you need to pull off a flawless auction.

How to Optimize a Mobile Bidding App

As we mentioned, some mobile bidding apps work well for virtually every type of auction. However, here is what the question should be: what are the mobile bidding app features your auction cannot do without.

Bidding Alerts

Attending a live or silent auction allows you to be part of the excitement. Auction rooms typically generate high energy because of the drama created by winning the highest bid. Yet, both silent and live auctions present logistical problems. Donors have to wait in long lines to place bids at a silent auction and for live auctions, you have to deal with a lot of noise. A mobile bidding app like goRaiser includes a communication alert that ensures donors remain engaged, which translates into more donors bidding at higher prices. The alerts works well for someone who has started a conversation with another donor, as well as for a donor who is attending a social event located across town.

Shop Before You Bid

Some live and silent auctions send out brochures either digitally and/or hard copy a few days before an event to allow donors the opportunity to prioritize bidding. A mobile bidding application connects with a website that presents the items available for bidding during a live or silent auction. Donors can see photos of donated items to determine the condition of each item.

It’s a good idea to form some kind of game plan before an auction, and a mobile bidding app does a great job of helping you prepare for the big event. Some of the information to include in an online auction catalog includes the date and time of the event, a short About Use section, who receives the donated proceeds, the name and number of each item up for bidding, and the starting bid amount and the minimum amount required raise a bid.

Sell Tickets Online

The goRaiser mobile bidding app includes a feature that allows donor to purchase ticket for the event online. Most auction sites have developed an online sales functionality that connects goRaiser directly to the website for completing ticket sales. Mobile devices offer consumers the opportunity to make last minute buying decisions and savvy operators of live and silent auctions create an app friendly web page that caters to last minute buyers. The best mobile bidding apps offer donors the option to purchase a single ticket, as well as a one of the auction ticket packages that accommodates large groups. goRaiser raises the bar for the ticket sales feature by also allowing donors to select tables and seating positions.

A Little about goRaiser

.A mobile bidding application such as goRaiser sits on the cutting edge of auction technology. The platform-based app allows several non-profit organizations to host auctions at the same time. Donors have more options for placing bids and most important, helping non-profits exceed financial goals. From building a recreation center to planting wild flowers in a city park, donors can find the worthy cause that interests them. Even if you host a private auction, you still enjoy all of the benefits and features provided by goRaiser.

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