Nonprofit Fundraising Technology Trends Seen So Far In 2016

Nonprofit Fundraising Technology Trends Seen So Far In 2016

by Ted Meng, February 3, 2017

With the rapid integration of technology in all industries across the globe, nonprofits are also catching up fast. Fundraising is now more of a mobile app focused affair in order to engage donors, keep them informed and use the data collected at the back end to make future events even more successful.

In this blog post, we share some of the nonprofit fundraising trends that have been witnessed so far this year and could prove pivotal to have a successful 2017:

Meeting Donors On Smartphones Is Gaining Traction

Even though it started a few years ago, nonprofit fundraising has been primarily about mobile fundraising this year. With the number of smartphones constantly increasing and users preferring to do everything from shopping to paying bills through apps, nonprofit fundraising has not been an exception.

On top of that, nonprofits are also beginning to realize the importance of segmenting donors based on their preferred channel. Many nonprofits are beginning to focus on separate lists of donors who would like to connect on emails, those who would like to connect through calls, and those who preferring engaging on social media platforms.

Thanking Donors Is Becoming The Key For Future Donations

It has also been noted that this year nonprofits are increasingly utilizing technology to thank donors and make way for future donations. Many have been using short questionnaires to inquire about donor’s preferred channel of communication to later thank them using this particular channel.

On the other hand, donors are also becoming eager to know where their donation was used or where it played a key role. Therefore, nonprofits are constantly working on highly personalized messages for donors to make them feel more valued.

Donor Surveys Are Growing In Importance

With the rising focus on donor loyalty and repeat donations, donor surveys are also growing in importance. Nonprofits are using these surveys to communicate the changes that their organization implemented while showing that donors were heard and considered a priority. 2016 has been a good year in terms of ethical marketing to boost donations creatively.

Work on these trends to generate significant funds from your events in the near future and set yourself up for success next year. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our fundraising and silent auction app and how it can help

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