Here Is Why Your Nonprofit Needs a Mobile Fundraising App

Here Is Why Your Nonprofit Needs a Mobile Fundraising App

by Ted Meng, February 1, 2017

Own and operate a nonprofit organization, but wondering why you need a fundraising app? According to a research study, the number of smartphone users worldwide is expected to exceed 2 billion.

The research study also claims that in the United States alone, this number may grow up to 207.2 million by the end of this year. Get the hint?

The U.S. remains to be among the top country to adopt mobile technologies at a fast rate. A growing number of business owners and nonprofits are rapidly implementing it in their operations.

If you still haven’t invested or at least planned to invest in a fundraising app, here are a few good reasons to get you started:

Create A State Of The Art Bidding Experience

When you use a mobile bidding app, it means you are investing in making the bidding experience more engaging for your target donors.

No longer do they need to wait in long queues or rush to make it to your event. Instead within a few minutes they can bid through their phones and have enough time to actually enjoy your event. Moreover, with payment processing platforms integrated into fundraising apps, bidders can pay using their phones without having to wait in long lines.

Free Up Time To Focus On The Event

Fundraisers typically rely on volunteers. Once you integrate a mobile app into your event it may take a few more extra minutes to setup but once the event gets going, it can really go off without additional supervision. Whether it is the tickets or registration or even making payments, you can centralize all fundraising operations with the right application.

With mobile fundraising apps taking up most of the responsibility for your primary operations, you have more time on your hands to engage with donors, socialize and make sure everyone has a good time.

Collect Data For Insight

The best part about mobile fundraising apps is their ability to collect and record data. The team no longer needs to collect data through forms and manually enter it into spreadsheets. Apart from the hours of time saved, this also means complete elimination of chances of errors.

What’s even better is that the app can be customized to provide a post event analytical report with actionable insight to use for the next event. From auction items to guest lists and marketing strategies, everything can be optimized for results using data from previous events.

Get started with your auction mobile app today and dramatically amplify the amount of funds you receive each time!

Get in touch with us to learn more about our highly customizable fundraising and silent auction app, goRaiser right away.

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