The Lesser Known Ways To Silent Auction Success

The Lesser Known Ways To Silent Auction Success

by Ted Meng, January 19, 2017

Even though there are endless fundraising events your organization could arrange, none of them compare to silent auctions.

The truth is, silent auctions are some of the most successful events out there as there is an immediate reward for winning bidders. This serves as the perfect initiative to donate whole-heartedly.

On top of all that, bidding is an interactive activity. Therefore, silent auctions tend to be really engaging. The only problem is planning out these events can be a challenge.

However, with the right tips, you will be set up for a successful event in no time:

Put Up The Right Items For Auction

All the funds generated through silent auctions will come from winning bids. To raise the most funds, you will need to pick out the most competitive items for the event; the more competitive items will drive the most bids.

  • Your nonprofit organization has a complete database of donors that can give you actionable insight into targeting your donor base. With this data, you can assess which items will appeal the most to your event attendants.
  • Consider analyzing results from previous events. If you have hosted silent auctions before, run reports using your management software to identify items that were bestsellers.

Make the bidding competition fierce by carefully selecting items and you will invite the most number of bids.

Set up A Website For The Event

Websites that display your event in real time can help you raise more funds in a number of different ways. You can use both the actual event and the online event to raise bids by displaying the bidding products online as well.

You don’t need to organize catalogs separately for all items up for bidding. Silent auction apps have changed the game.

However, if you have already set up a website to host an online event, hosting the online auction would be easy. Remember to start up online bidding before the actual event as this will give donors more time to make it to the online event. If you have any items left over, host an online auction after your event to raise funds for additional items.

Keep Your Guests Engaged

As silent auctions are relatively less structured, the event can quickly become boring after a little while. There are no auctioneers to keep the bidders engaged. Instead, donors will keep using their devices to bid. This also means a lot of distraction. You will need to put in extra effort to keep your bidders engaged. Here’s how:

  • Drop Notifications: Send out notifications through mobile to keep bidders updated on the event. Let them know who has outbid them on which items.
  • Have An Emcee: Having an emcee to make constant announcements will also keep engagement levels high and keep the guests focused on the auction at hand.
  • Scoreboards Work: To add another layer of competitiveness, put up a scoreboard. Display items that have yet to sell and also mention the most sought after sellers to drive bids.

Use these innovative tips to make your silent auction events stand out. Looking for silent auction apps to streamline the fundraising process? Check out Mobile Events today. The company offers highly customizable auctions apps for various fundraising events.


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