Attracting High Value Donors To Your Events

Attracting High Value Donors To Your Events

by Ted Meng, August 12, 2016

Hosting fundraising events is largely about meeting your monetary targets so that you can have the right support for your cause. This means you need to bring in the right mix of guests, considering high value donors as a special part of those events.

Even though appealing to high value donors will amplify the donations you bring in, it can definitely be a challenge to do so.

As a leading auction app designer for a number of leading nonprofits, we put together a few tips that will help you bring in donors who are able, ready and willing to give more:

Understand The Data

Review your current guest list and database. Although it might seem like an exhausting process, getting the right grip on data can be the deciding factor here.

When was the most handsome donation made to your organization? Who was it? Is another company hosting an event with high profile donors nearby?

When you have all the answers to such questions, you will definitely come up with strategies to target high profile donors for your events.

Retain Existing Donors

Invest efforts and time in staying connected with your donors. Not just for the event, but throughout the cycle.

Little things like updates and thank-you notes go a long way in retaining them and letting them know their donation was highly appreciated.

You can also go with creative approaches like letting them in on behind the scenes footages and calls directly from the company CEO.

Be Clear

The charity sector is constantly under fire for discrepancies and ambiguity regarding ways how nonprofits would make a difference. Thankfully, it is human nature to help others. Ensure your donors know how their donation makes an impact on your cause. Also create a sense of urgency.

Particularly high profile donors want to know where all their money would go. Try to put in as much details as possible, answering common questions like who, why, when and how.

Event Delivery Is The Key

All the follow ups, mobile notifications and brochures will mean nothing if you don’t deliver the event in the right manner.

The goal here is to make sure that your donors come back. Apart from the venue, the food and drinks should be perfect, entertainment should be in line, and speeches should be impactful enough to compel people to donate.

Our auction apps have revolutionized the fundraising process and made it interesting for donors to be involved. Get in touch with us to learn more how our auction apps can help you increase your funds, bring in high profile donors, and streamline support for your cause.

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