Tips To Market Mobile Fundraising To Donors

Tips To Market Mobile Fundraising To Donors

by Ted Meng, May 26, 2016

With the recent buzz in the mobile fundraising domain, everyone is talking about how it can be the best tool for nonprofits. Notice how we said, ‘it can be’ not that ‘it is’.

Fundraising mobile apps can prove to be an essential tool to help you raise funds for your cause – provided that you put in the efforts and time to market it properly.

As with everything else, you will only get as much as you put in here.

This being said, we don’t mean that you need to work harder and spend hours into determining how you can integrate a fundraising app into your campaigns to reach out to your donors. You need to work smarter.

Here are a few tips that can help you market mobile fundraising and get closer to your nonprofit goals:

Make Sure You Are Ready To Go Mobile

Before you even begin to look for fundraising apps, you should first make sure that you are ready for mobile. Here are just a few things you might want to consider:

  • Is the nonprofit website optimized to be displayed as smoothly on mobile as it is on PC?
  • Are the buttons on your donation page easy to use? Do users need to pinch or expand the screen to access functions?
  • Do the donation buttons work appropriately in your emails?
  • Is your QR code directed towards the right page?

Make sure that all these things are in order before you start sending out the invites.

Ease Any Concerns About Mobile Safety

As we rapidly progress towards going mobile in most of the things, it is clear that security is a great issue for most users. This makes it important to address all donor concerns about fraudulent fee or chances of identity theft.

Go for a platform that is:

  • PCI compliant
  • Offers multiple checks to verify identity
  • Uses strong encryption

To make sure that your donors are clear on the stringent security measures, send out emails and pass around flyers at events. This will automatically boost donations when they are sure their identity and money is safe with your fundraising app.

Remember To Thank Donors

Using mobile apps is not just about raising the most money; it is also about maintaining long term relationships with your donors so that they truly realize the importance of supporting your cause.

Make sure that you address them individually through push notifications, mention their names, amount donated and a short message that signifies how their donation helped your cause. The thank you message is also the best time to raise awareness about your upcoming mobile fundraising campaign. The fact that they can contribute by sending you an email or simple text will surely have them excited.

At Mobile Events, we offer you a wide variety of options for dedicated and mobile fundraising apps that are fully customizable and easily downloadable across all major app stores. Give us a call at 1877-886-6007 to learn more.


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