Things To Know When Designing Content For Outdoor LED Displays

Things To Know When Designing Content For Outdoor LED Displays

by Ted Meng, April 14, 2016

If you are planning to go for LED video wall rental for the first time, you probably have little to no idea how you will go about making an advertisement that stands out on it.

Unless you have years of expertise in marketing, it is better to forget what you think you know and stick to the following tips.

The Duration

When it comes to LED outdoor screen ads, duration matters a lot. Most businesses tend to make the mistake of creating 30 to 60 second ads which can quickly turn the whole idea into a disaster. Remember, your audience is not sitting there waiting to see your ad in traffic.

Your audience is probably driving by at 50 mph or taking a brisk walk across the road, occasionally glancing up at the screen. Most marketers advise sticking with a 10 to 15 second ad. With longer ads, your audience members will see the end and not the beginning or vice versa.

In both cases, you wouldn’t be able to get the message through or might miss out on the important window to make a lasting impact.

The Format

Here are a few rules you should stick to when it comes to formatting:

  • The letters should be BIG – At least a quarter of the screen should be taken over by large text. Small letter sizes might look good on your computer screen but not on an outdoor LED.
  • Do not apply gloss to text – Outdoor LED screens have less pixels than your computer monitor. Excessive text designing might hamper visibility.
  • Use contrasts – The best matches for outdoor LED screens are black and yellow, black and white, blue and yellow, white and green.

The Design

You can imagine the importance of the designer’s role when it comes to LED screen marketing. It is not really about the space. If you have a reliable designer, your ads will sell. If you don’t have a good designer, it doesn’t matter how good your sales team is, you might witness failure.

With outdoor LED screen ads, it is better to stick to simple and straightforward ads. The first few times you might need to change the content, but staying simple creative and coming up with a design that allows you to effectively utilize the 10-15 second window is the best way to go.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11_Fotor

The Content

When it comes to the content, try to be as creative as possible.

However, don’t let your core intentions fade out in the shadow of the ad content. Striking a balance between simplicity, yet creative complexity, is the most effective approach.

Fresh content is always better. In the case of LED screens, it is advised to update your content every day. This is also the reason why a large number of companies using outdoor LEDs tend to add in weather forecasts and sports update to bring passersby’s attention to the screen. Meanwhile, this helps you achieve two things:

  • People talk about the screen which is free publicity.
  • You get an incredibly strong selling point

These are just a few tips which you should keep in mind when designing content for your LED outdoor screen. If you are looking for rental LED screens, we have numerous options that you will surely find interesting.

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