Stay On The Lookout For These Digital Signage Trends In 2016!

Stay On The Lookout For These Digital Signage Trends In 2016!

by Sean, March 27, 2016

Over the period of time, people’s expectations from their interaction with technology have shifted drastically. Today, about two thirds of Americans own a smart-phone and more than half of all households own a tablet. This means that today’s average Joe is impatient and expects everything to be customizable. He wants everything to be easily accessible regardless of his location. This is why brightly colored and customizable LED outdoor displays are gaining popularity both amongst customers and professionals.

Here are a few trends to look out for in digital signage and displays this year.

Dynamic Data

Dynamic data is what digital signage is all about. This is what makes it different from other types of outdoor displays. People are already saturated with static information bombarding which does not stimulate them anymore. This is why the only way of coping with and going against this stagnant information exchange is showing them something fluid and constantly changing for grabbing their attention.

Personalization & Targeting

Today’s customer expects you to know when to reach them, where to reach them and how to go about it. They expect to be treated like the brand knows their requirements. This is why using LED signs can offer the much needed flexibility in order to deliver according to the customers’ needs.


Less Creative, More Useful

Gone are the days when lengthy jingles and marketing schemes used to interest people. In today’s fast-paced life style, everyone is on the go, so the shorter your ads are the better it is. Millennials hate traditional advertising , so keeping your content short, relevant and social is going to get you more customer traffic.


 Small, Light Panels

People are being conditioned to expect their technology to become lighter, thinner and more elegant with the passage of time. Think about all the mobile phones and tablets being launched these days. Old cabinet style LEDs are a thing of past. Small, light panels are easy to shift from one place to another and offer a more streamlined view of advertisement. Also, these panels give an air of a futuristic approach.

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