Here Is Why Our Mobile Auction App Is The Future Of Fundraising

Here Is Why Our Mobile Auction App Is The Future Of Fundraising

by Sean, March 25, 2016


Mobile fundraising is a recent phenomenon which is gaining popularity amongst the younger generation of mobile phone users. With Mobile Events apps, you don’t have to rely upon paper and pencils anymore for your silent auction. You can transform your silent auction into a fund raising marathon with our easy to use apps.

Here is why our mobile auction app is the future of fundraising:

Advanced Reporting Tools

You can track your entire auction campaign and analyze your strengths and weak points with our built-in management reporting tools. Everything from important statistics to useful insights on every step of the auction is fully customizable. Also, it is possible to schedule them to run automatically when you need them.

Complete Order Management System

With our complete order management system, running your business is a piece of cake. You can now create your customizable and personalized invoices. You can also manage your orders in real time using easy to understand search and edit tools.


Data Security and Reliability

With Mobile Events, you can be sure of your content’s security and privacy. Our online auction platform is fashioned on Amazon’s sophisticated cloud based servers which are fully powered by a strong network infrastructure. Our systems are protected with a network of firewalls and DDoS attack prevention. At Mobile Events, all online data transmission is protected by the most advanced SHA-2 and 2048-bit data encryption.

Management Software

With our management software, you can manage your campaign and mobile content all in one place. With this software, you can add items and make quick edits to your campaign even after the event has started. We also make sure to protect your earned revenue; this is why the payment transaction is handled smartly through an intelligent automation process.

Automatic Notifications

This unique feature helps you get an instant notification about who is winning the auction. This information will increase the participation of supporters and stimulate competition amongst those who were not able to attend the silent auction. This will help you get closer to your fund raising goal.

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