The Silent Auction App

The Silent Auction App

by Michael Wight, October 20, 2015

A true silent auction is a more dignified process than the traditional auction carried out usually after someone has declared bankruptcy and his possessions are sold to the highest bidder. Silent auctions are usually conducted in charity and fundraising events and wherever the process is not to attract too much attention or divert the interest from the event’s main theme.


In such a case the old way requires for tables to be set with the items on auction on display and a piece of paper set on the side so that anyone interested may place a written bid. This piece of paper also mentions id the auction is to begin at a minimum amount especially for items of high value.


Thankfully for the current era things have changed. Silent auction software has been released to be installed in smartphones so that all the pertinent information about an item on auction can be included (which could only be done verbally in the old way to maintain the low profile) and bids can be placed without the necessity of actually being present at the event.


Furthermore, through the new smartphone payment options available, the entire process can be completed in a few seconds eliminating the need for checks and credit card billing setups. However, for this option to work, the bidder must have a new generation smartphone. The software is available for any kind of mobile phone so that anyone may be able to place a bid, but if the smartphone technology does not allow for tap payments, after the auction is completed, other arrangements must be made for payment.


For those who conduct the silent auction, there is usually a platform they can use which provides statistics, who paid for what and the opportunity to make last minute changes. For those participating in the auction and place bids, they have immediate updates as to the status of their bids, automated check-out processes which eliminate the long lines that are usually detected in old style auctions and the opportunity to get notifications for any future auctions they might be interested in participating.


Silent auction apps have greatly increased the efficiency of an auction just by the ability to place a bid from anywhere. Higher bids are placed, the auction conductors collect more money and in the case of auctions due to bankruptcy they eliminate the auction professionals that could agree among themselves on who would take advantage of a given situation.


These apps have proven to be beneficial and are considered a must-have by many. If you are also thinking of getting such an app, all you have to do is get in touch with us. We’re the master when it comes to creating silent auction apps and have done so for a number of clients.


Some features of our apps include:

  • Buy Now Feature
  • Bid Tracking
  • Perfect for Tablet and Smartphone
  • Mobile Event Optimized App
  • Guaranteed Payments, and much more.

So get in touch with us today to speak to us about your own silent auction app.

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