The Benefits of Cause-related Marketing for Nonprofits

The Benefits of Cause-related Marketing for Nonprofits

by Michael Wight, September 17, 2015

Charitable organizations often have difficulties in raising funds and reaching their supporters. This is also why new tools, such as Mobile Event mobile apps and other online platforms are being utilized.

The main causes for this issue are usually a lack of skilled staff, a lack of technical expertise and the huge costs involved in support campaigns. Most businesses when facing such issues look towards online solutions (Mobile Event mobile apps etc.), nonprofits can also do the same because the basic goals or both kinds of organizations boil down to getting the right message to the right people.

Online Charity Auctions-How Can They Help?

Online charity auctions raise a lot of funds and raise awareness about the nonprofit’s efforts and the causes which the charity supports. Some benefits include:

  • Enable the nonprofit to leverage the power of the internet
  • Quick feedback from supporters
  • Raise awareness for your cause
  • Connect with people who care
  • Available tools are simple to use and require less time
  • Increased donor involvement
  • Integration with social media networks fosters long-term loyalty and supporter connections
  • Simplify donations
  • Provide donors with options to channel donations to specific causes
  • Collection and analysis of donation and supporter data
  • Acquire unique items to auction
  • Help manage the after- auction shipping and management

Planning a Successful Online Charity Campaign

Online tools are only as good as your overall plan. Be sure to create a detailed plan before launching an online auction.

Some of the basic questions/aspects that you need to consider are:

  • The size of your auction
  • Limited time event or continuous offerings
  • Determine how the auction efforts fit into your overall fund-raising strategy
  • An auction theme that supports your overall mission
  • Variety of offerings or theme-related ones.
  • Define your success factors, such as amount of funds raised, number of supporters engaged

However, still, not many would be able to find the success they require. This is because the scenario is changing and now a number of people prefer to have their own charitable sites and even Mobile Event mobile apps that can help them get donations they need with just a click. Research has proven that about 60% of Americans use mobile devices to browse the web. Plus, almost all big websites have their app as most users prefer to open a Mobile Event mobile app and get done with it.

Get Your Own App or Online Auction Website

Imagine a Mobile Event mobile app where all a person has to do is click on it, enter the amount they wish to donate and press the Go button and you’re done. Or a website, which is responsive, and can send you donations right away without any heavy navigation etc.

All this might sound too good to be true but is possible and we have done it for several clients. We’re expert in creation online auction websites and apps, and can do it for you as well. We understand the main aim is to get donations which is possible if you come across serious about what you’re taking on. Additionally, we offer competitive rates, especially to NGOs, keeping their budget in mind.

Get in touch with us today and we’ll guide you over how getting an app or an online auction platform can help you succeed.


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