Hopscotch Music Festival – We Have Made the App

Hopscotch Music Festival – We Have Made the App

by Michael Wight, September 11, 2015

Hopscotch Music Festival is a 3-day music festival that takes places from September 9-11 every year in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. The festival is popular for the exciting performance by dozens of band squads and the welcoming and enthralling atmosphere. No matter what type of music you love, you’ll get to delight yourself with that at the Hopscotch Music Festival.

This festival has been out there for quite some time but one thing it was missing was an app to make everything easy and simple. This is the technological era and almost all companies and big events need a mobile app as a great number of people use these apps to get information.


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Fortunately, the event organizers understood this and gave us the task to come up with an app and we have developed one which is available on iTunes and Google Play.

A brainchild of Greg Lowenhagen, the first Hopscotch Music Festival was organized from September 9–11in 2010. The festival featured 130 bands, and you can easily find the information on available bands for a specific event on the app. Now no more Googling trying to find who’s playing, this is all at your fingertips.

According to research, having a mobile app can help boost business, especially when it comes to events. A great number of people miss concerts and other such gala events simply because they do not remember the dates, however with such apps this can be done easier as you have a constant reminder of the upcoming event.

The 2015 festival is scheduled for September 10 to 12. It features both outdoor stage and closed club performances. You will be fascinated by the diversity of music at the festival that would boast dozens of genres, including rock, folk, hip-hop, and metal.

You will get to see children, teenagers, couples, school kids, married people, adults, locals, college students, people from across the US and people from across the world at the Hopscotch Music Festival. The number of festivalgoers runs in the thousands every day during the three days fiesta. We understand that this is a social event and have added a Social feature on the app as well to help you gel well with people that share your likes.

The app has all it takes to make your experience delightful, including the schedules, past lineups, maps, venues, hotels, news, bands, festival features and updates on all these stuff. Install the app now and stay tuned!

Our app has all the details about the 2015 Hopschotch Music Festival, including the artists and bands set to take the festival by storm. The good news is the app also provides you important background on each band participating in the festival.

Streets across the downtown area would be cordoned off to allow seamless progression of the festival and make enough space for the roster of bands. The festival also features art and technology exhibitions, photography exhibition, parties, and food and design exhibitions. Bands, record labels, arts organizations and book shows underline the day parties.

You can use the map on our app to easily move through the festival. The app would also tell you which exhibition or party is on at which place in the festival premises and at what time, so you can attend them without any difficulties. The map would provide you complete information on the routes to the festival, and then guide you through the streets.

We’re sure this app will make the event even more fun for you. If you need an app developed for your business or wonder how it can help you reach more customers, get in touch with us today.


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